Welcome to 3A Composites Core Materials

3A Composites Core Materials is a global organizational unit within 3A Composites, part of Schweiter Technologies (SIX Swiss Exchange: SWTQ), with operations in Europe, the Americas, India, China and Papua New Guinea, that has pioneered the sandwich technology for more than 75 years. Its AirexBaltekBanova brand provides sustainable, lightweight and resource-friendly, high-quality core materials (broadest portfolio in the industry) to enable the production of lighter and thus more energy efficient end products for multiple applications such as wind turbine blades, nacelle covers, hull of a boat, automotive parts, bridge components, etc. All of these are products containing solutions by AirexBaltekBanova for the development, production, and distribution of lightweight composites and lightweight solutions for construction applications. 

Our products are available in Europe from specialized distribution partners. In America and Asia, our lightweight composite materials are distributed by our sister companies.

Vision and strategy
  • Customer orientation is our top most priority.
  • We want to be the globally leading provider of structural components and composite core materials made of foam and balsa.
  • We want to lead the markets in which we act with creative and innovative products and services; and offer the most relevant, most sustainable, and best product solutions to our customers.
  • We utilize the strengths of our teams in order to achieve maximum added value for our customers.
  • We offer the best solutions in order to sustainably fulfill our customer's demands.
  • Together with our partners we continuously set new standards when it comes to creative and innovative products and services.
  • We are an innovative corporation and want to attract the best and smartest minds in order to grow with them.

As leading innovator with the brands AIREX®, BALTEK® and BANOVA®, we focus on identifying and evaluating new business areas for segment-specific lightweight composites. We develop the most effective composite configurations and specify the most cost-effective raw materials. In doing so we always strive to find optimum ecological and economical solutions, custom-made for our customers. In order to live up to these high expectations, we draw on our profound expertise, which we have gained over the past 70+ years.

Safety, health, and sustainability

The consistent and sustainable protection of our environment is very important for 3A Composites Core Materials. Conservation of existing natural resources is imperative. The company therefore consistently pledges - far beyond applicable provisions - to introduce continuous improvement in terms of environmental protection because 3A Composites strives to take on a leading role in this area as well. 

A high quality standard is a fundamental factor which we guarantee our customers for the long term. Our production location in Switzerland has been EN ISO 9001 and EN ISO 14001 certified for many years - the two decisive standards for quality and environmental management.

These industry standards are integrated into a management system for environmental, health, and safety protection (EHS) across all company locations. It focuses specifically on ensuring and supporting the responsible actions of all staff members in terms of safety, health and environmental protection. A strong integration of the management systems for quality (EN ISO 9001), environmental protection (EN ISO 14001), and work safety (OHSAS 18001) is therefore an important goal of our company strategy.

We are the first and only suppliers of balsa core materials with FSC®-certified plantations. The forest companies of 3A Composites operate several thousand hectares  FSC®-certified balsa wood plantations in Ecuador (FSC-C019065) and Papua New Guinea (FSC-C125018).

3A Composites guarantees that its overall company philosophy is aligned toward sustainability; we are "driven by ecology". We are committed to all aspects of this - a noticeable reduction of environmental pollution, the conservation of natural resources, and the economic, social, and ecological well-being of the communities in which we are active.



Look for FSC®‐certified products.

Our management team

Competent, committed, and motivated staff members form the basis of our company's long-term, positive development. We live a company culture characterized by integrity, reliability, trust, transparency, self-responsibility, quality awareness, and teamwork. We orient all of our activities toward the market. Simplicity, speed, precision, and the desire for continuous improvement are guidelines for all our actions and decisions. 

Executive team
Roman Thomassin
CEO Core Materials, Managing Director

(*1961, German citizenship)

Roman Thomassin has been Global CEO Core Materials for 3A Composites since 2012. The electrical engineer (RWTH Aachen University, Germany) has many years of experience in the executive management of international companies in the areas of aerospace, automotive, and renewable energies, for example in Germany, Slovakia, Colombia, and the USA. Roman Thomassin has a proven track record in turnover and sales increases for companies active in the corporate and retail sector, for startups as well as global organizations. He also participated in a successful IPO and worked with various VC and PE companies worldwide.

Eric Gauthier
President Global Key Accounts Core Materials

(*1968, Swiss citizenship)

Eric Gauthier has been President Global Key Accounts of the Core Materials Division since 2011. He holds a Master of Finance from HEC Paris and an Economist degree from Higher School of management (HES-SO, Switzerland). Additionally, he is also the head of EMEA sales. Built on a finance background, he has more than 20 year experience in corporate and local management functions for global corporations. Prior to joining the composites business, he assumed key positions at Rio Tinto Alcan and Nestlé.

John Chen
Managing Director Core Materials Region Asia Pacific

(*1969, Chinese citizenship)

John Chen has been General Manager of the Core Materials Division for the Asia-Pacific region since 2011. He holds a bachelor's degree in chemical engineering from Fudan University and a master's degree in international business from CEIBS Shanghai. He held various positions with multinational companies from 1993 to 2001 in China, Singapore and Germany. Starting in 2002 he joined 3A Composites and worked as chief representative of 3A Composites GmbH in East Asia region, he switched to the Core Materials division in 2007.

Ramon Del Pino
General Manager 3AC Americas

(* 1965, Chilean citizenship)

Ramon Del Pino holds a degree in industrial engineering from Concepcion University in Chile. He has more than 25 years of experience in various forestry companies. He has lived in Asia for 15 years and was responsible for the distribution and market development of CMPC products in significant markets, for example in Japan, Korea, China, Singapore and Thailand. Ramon Del Pino has been working for 3A Composites Ecuador since 2009; he began his career as forestry manager and quickly took on the responsibility as general manager.