AIREX®, BALTEK®, BANOVA® - Lightweight foam and balsa solutions to optimize your products’ weight

3A Composites AirexBaltekBanova' lightweight core materials and composites with AIREX®, BALTEK®, BANOVA®, and COLEVO are so diverse that no area of application is categorically excluded. Our customers constantly present us with new challenges, which motivate our research and development team to realize innovative, cost-optimized solutions.

Existing composites are often used in new ways that amaze us; or we develop completely new sandwich solutions to optimally solve our customer's problem. Here is a selection of some existing areas of application; applicability of our composites and core materials is nearly unlimited:

  • Sports
  • Medicine and science
  • Clothing
  • Construction
  • Great stability with low weight
  • Easy processing
  • Resource-saving material
  • Great sound and thermal insulation
  • Easy handling in production and logistics
  • Great selection of thicknesses, sizes, and face sheets
  • Surfboards, canoes, kayaks
  • Skis, helmets
  • Covers, shelters
  • X-ray tables, radio telescopes
  • Tanks, containers, bath and shower cabins
  • Tools, construction signs, pipes, concrete casting molds




The core of the new Stöckli ski contains BALTEK® VBC balsa wood in combination with flax fiber reinforcement. This means: weight savings of 600 g and optimized vibration properties while protecting nature.

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