AIREX®, BALTEK® - Foam and balsa lightweight solutions for wind and tidal energy installations

Well-founded expertise in product innovation, development, construction, and production is required for the successful production of large composite structures - at 3A Composites AirexBaltekBanova, this know-how is united in our experienced, interdisciplinary development and production team.

The size of rotor blades, which are made of ultra-lightweight sandwich constructions and today already have gigantic dimensions of 80+ meters, is decisive for the performance and efficiency of wind turbines. Our composites AIREX® and BALTEK® fulfill the complex requirements of wind turbines optimally due to their extraordinary material properties.

Renewable energies are a growing market - and we grow right with it.
Our expertise in this market segment includes:

  • Wind turbine blades
  • Wave power plants
  • High shearing and compressive forces
  • Maximum stability and rigidity at minimal weight
  • Unlimited availability and short production times
  • Easy processing
  • Excellent aging properties and long-term stability
  • Lower total operating costs
  • Rotor blades
  • Cover panels for gondolas and hubs
  • Tidal blades




Rotor blade length: 70 m. Service life: 20 years Enormous demands to stability, weight, and weather resistance. The wind turbine manufacturer Ming Yang has become the Number 1 on the Chinese market with AIREX® C70 and BALTEK® as core materials.

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