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Ski core with BALTEK® VBC and AIREX® T92

Everything started in 2003. Something irritated Cyrille Boinay about his skis with synthetic fiber core: they were lightweight and robust but displayed an excessive spryness and disturbance on snow.

He met the two EPFL postgraduates Christian Fischer and Julien Rion who were to tackle this problem. 8 years later they founded Bcomp AG.
In this time they developed Bcores - the solution to Cyrille's problem. They discovered the cushioning properties of natural fibers and developed a core material with several layers made of a pre-preg based on natural fibers and balsa wood or PET foam.
It would not have been possible to execute this same construction with carbon fibers - the edges formed by it are too smooth, it is difficult to join with other face sheets, and it cannot be processed with conventional woodworking tools or machines.

Together with Faction Collective AG, one of the most innovative ski manufacturers in Switzerland, they created the first prototype of a broad, lightweight freestyle ski, which was then tested by Candide Thovex, multiple free ride world champion, and optimized in terms of flexibility and stability. His comment: “... I have been testing my new skis whilst filming for my upcoming Quiksilver film project and I’m so impressed by them, they are lightweight whilst retaining a traditional on-snow feel.”

The new ski - 600 g lighter! - was presented just in time for ISPO 2012. This is one success story of which we are particularly proud: committed celebrities with a vision develop innovative, sustainable solutions in cooperation with us; solutions that result in great, marketable products.
Renewable flax and FSC® certified balsa wood veneers (BALTEK® VBC) as well as recycled PET foam (AIREX® T92) were used as core materials in this innovative ski, as well as water-soluble varnishes. The complete supply chain is located in Europe.


  • Balsa with a vertical grain direction guarantees the required compressive properties
  • Balsa with a horizontal grain direction guarantees optimum processing properties along the edges.
  • Flax fiber mesh (at a +/-45° angle) optimizes shearing properties
  • Excellent adhesion to face sheets

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