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Intercity with AIREX® T90

Requirements to our customers' products have many aspects: mechanical, economical, ecological, aesthetic, or - in this case - legal.
Europe harmonizes the safety requirements for railroads and introduces new, more stringent fire protection regulations with CEN/TS45545.

Stadler Rail Group - one of the leading international manufacturers of rail solutions with production plants in Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Hungary, Poland, and Algeria - would like to participate in the growing European railroad market and with KISS introduces a new vehicle as intercity train or rapid transit railway that must of course fulfill these high requirements.
KISS was developed among other things for the Swiss Federal Railway SBB (rapid transit railway Zurich).
High speeds (up to 160 km/h), passenger comfort, safety, and energy efficiency as well as the utilization under extreme climatic conditions require new approaches to solutions. Large-scale floor elements in sandwich construction with a core of AIREX® T90 allowed the optimum fulfillment of these challenging - and partially contradictory - basic conditions.
AIREX® T90 is lightweight and also offers excellent thermal and acoustic insulating properties at an advantageous cost/performance ratio.

The simple combination of AIREX® T90 with floor heating integrated into the floor elements increases passenger comfort during travel even more. The high fire resistance of AIREX® T90 is also a decisive factor in compliance with the Standard CEN/TS 45545.


  • Excellent fire inhibition (NF F 16-101, DIN 5510, EN 45545, FAR 25.583)
  • Attractive cost/performance ratio
  • Very easy processing with all resins and lamination processes
  • Excellent thermal and acoustic insulating properties
  • High compression resistance and high compressive modulus
  • Excellent face sheet adhesion (bond of face sheet to core)

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