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AIREX®, BALTEK®, BANOVA® - Foam and balsa sandwich solutions tailored to your wishes

Exceeding our customers' expectations

Our customers' requirements are as individual as our services. Therefore we offer our expertise already during the evaluation phase with the development of effective configurations for lightweight composites and the specification of cost-effective raw materials. We support the complete process up to the production of the customized lightweight sandwich component, to include product and process development as well as employee training. Our motto is flexibility - paired with the reliable utilization of our own production technologies for a broad range of segment-specific specialty products.

An extensive range of products and materials allows us to be present in various market segments. Together with our partners we develop innovative solutions in many areas, e.g. marine, renewable energies, transport, bridge construction, aviation, interior design, and architecture. We create true added value for you and your customers - economically and ecologically. That's what we call customized and sustainable customer service.

Solutions Engineering

It is our experience that high costs incur already in early product development phases. Involving the right partners right from the start is therefore very important. We have a large network of powerful partners at our disposal, e.g. test institutes, universities, and third party companies.

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With the following expert skills we support our customers in all project phases:

  • Consultation in the selection, processing, and application of our products
  • Theoretical and practical training in product development and manufacturing processes
  • Ensuring feasible design
  • Rough dimensioning of components for the concept phase
  • Verification for compliance with specifications
  • Validation of specific requirements
  • Prototype manufacturing
  • Introduction and optimization of the manufacturing process (on-site service)
  • Verification by prototyping and component tests
  • Qualification of components with official authorities and certification companies
Product and process development

With the im@c management system (InnovationManagement@Composites) we utilize our methods - proven to be successful for many years - to develop innovative, powerful, and economic composite solutions for our customers.

We utilize computer-assisted methods for product and process development, e.g. CAD and FEA while assisting the complete manufacturing process from conception, handling, and conversion of 3D data to integrated and cost-optimized production.

Other focal points relating to product development are:

  • Product development methods and systems
  • Generating innovation, development, and construction with a holistic approach to the product creation process (product creation)
  • Designing production and assembly processes
  • Designing production-related order handling
  • Integrated product creation in the shape of functional models, prototypes, and test devices (production, assembly, and test)
  • Design review of existing product lines
Hybrid Core Concept®

Our customers can select the products that best fulfill their individual requirements because we supply the world's most extensive range of core materials for composites. Our Hybrid Core Concept® helps create an optimum final product with customized properties in regards to:

- Mechanical properties (specifically: weight)

- Price

- Sustainability

Upon selection of compatible core materials and laminate plans, the sandwich is customized perfectly to individual customer requirements. In many cases, this reduces weight and is more cost-efficient. The Hybrid Core Concept® furthermore allows the optimization of the sandwich in terms of sustainability (e.g. reduction of CO² emissions throughout the life cycle), which is where we use our Hybrid Core Calculator. With it we are able to calculate and compare various sandwich alternatives - including life cycle data with indicators for primary energy, CO² equivalents, water consumption, waste indicators.

We perform customized training courses for theory and praxis in order to obtain in-depth knowledge of our extensive product variety.

Material testing and certification

Our experienced engineers test existing sandwich designs and develop new solutions for project-specific inquires. We test material and components as well as processes in our own labs for compliance with ASTM, EN, ISO and other recognized standards; we also test product applications and development programs. Our extensive equipment enables us to perform custom tests in an individualized manner.

We consider recognized standards, e.g. ABS, DNV, GL, Lloyd's Register of Shipping, or customer specifications.

Numerous product certificates - created by official certification organizations - are available upon request. If custom certificates are required, we support you with tests in our own laboratories as well as in close cooperation with our partners.

On-site service

When needed, experienced engineers and process specialists also support our customers on-site with:

  • Process consulting
  • Support for and introduction of new processes
  • Prototype manufacturing
  • Optimization of existing processes