3A Composites Core Materials awarded a four-year contract extension as IBBI preferred core materials supplier

News | 30.05.2017

IBBI (Independent Boat Builders, Inc.) has awarded 3A Composites Core Materials a four-year contract extension as an IBBI preferred supplier to provide AIREX® foams and BALTEK® balsa core materials. This contract will come into effect on the 1st of June 2017.

“The IBBI contract extension further demonstrates our ability to meet our customers’ continuous demand of lightweight composite solutions based on foam and balsa wood in the marine industry, while ensuring a strong performance thorough the application’s lifetime. In particular, our latest innovations in high density PET foam cores bring improved performance and cost-advantages to this segment”, said Roman Thomassin, CEO of 3A Composites Core Materials.

“The continuation of the long standing supply relationship with the IBBI is by far the best way that we can measure our service and effectiveness in the marine industry and how we can TRULY claim that we are the leaders in the composites core market. We are very grateful to be recognized in this way. The IBBI members will continue to benefit not only from our unmatched core solutions, but also from a reliable supply, predictable and competitive cost structure”, said Richard Knipe, Sales Director for North America at 3A Composites Core Materials.

“I think that our continued partnership with 3A Composites is a good fit for our members.  Their product line-up gives our members many choices,” said Tom Broy, the President of IBBI. “We look forward to working together to help our members offer the best boats to the end consumer,” Broy continued.

Sustainable innovation, high-quality, global reach, ensured availability and close collaboration with customers drive 3A Composites to its success of becoming the leading core materials manufacturer.

About IBBI:

IBBI (Independent Boat Builders, Inc.) is a purchasing cooperative founded in 1989 by a group of independent, recreational boat builders. Today, IBBI is the largest marine purchasing cooperative, with 19 members. As each owner strives to increase the value of their products and their businesses, consumers receive more value for their investments. This simple idea has led to IBBI owners selling more boats in the United States than any other boat manufacturer.

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About 3A Composites Core Materials:

3A Composites Core Materials is a global organizational unit within 3A Composites, part of Schweiter Technologies (SIX Swiss Exchange: SWTQ), with operations in Europe, the Americas, India, China and Papua New Guinea, that has pioneered the sandwich technology for more than 75 years. Its Core Materials brand provides sustainable, lightweight and resource-friendly, high-quality core materials (broadest portfolio in the industry) to enable the production of lighter and thus more energy efficient end products for the wind, marine, aerospace, and automotive industries.

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