3A Composites brings new AIREX® PET Generation

News | 04.03.2014

3A Composites has developed a completely new technology platform for PET foam core materials called AIREX® GEN2.

GEN2 PET foam features a very homogenous cell structure and yet further enhanced mechanical properties compared to today’s successful AIREX® T92. While it remains a recycled and recyclable material, its formability and processing have also been improved. Thanks to a lean and highly automated production process, GEN2 will offer a considerable total cost saving in the end application.

Philipp Angst, director of product management, says: “GEN2 marks an important milestone in the further industrialization of structural foam core materials and will leverage the use of PET foam cores in yet more applications.”

About 3A Composites Core Materials:

3A Composites Core Materials is a global organizational unit within 3A Composites, with operations in Europe, North America, South America, India and China. The branded products AIREX® and BALTEK® have pioneered the sandwich technology for almost 70 years. Fabricators use these core materials to make innovative, lightweight sandwich structures for the wind energy, marine and transportation markets as well as other industrial applications. 3A Composites Core Materials is the global leader in answering the markets’ and users' needs for sustainable, lightweight and resource-friendly materials to enable the production of lighter and thus more energy efficient end products. In the wind energy market, its core materials are a key factor for growth in the generation of renewable energy.


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