3A Composites Core Materials receives APQP4Wind Certification

News | 23.10.2018

  • APQP4Wind is a registered trademark quality management system developed by Vestas, Siemens Gamesa, KK Wind Solutions and LM Wind Power.

As a key global supplier to the wind industry, 3A Composites Core Materials has been working since many years on driving quality, innovation, sustainability and total cost of ownership for its wind customers. Leading the way 3A Composites has now received its APQP4Wind Certification from the Danish Wind Industry Association.

The APQP4Wind project is an initiative started by the Danish Wind Industry Association to simplify and strengthen the quality assurance demands (APQP) and product release process (PPAP) across the entire wind value chain. The Certification’s aim is to set aligned standards for all suppliers and sub-suppliers nationally and internationally replacing company specific procedures. The APQP4Wind project is currently developing the industry-specific quality assurance standard, which will ultimately be rolled out in the wind industry globally.

“We are proud to lead the APQP4Wind Certification implementation within the composites industry. Our number 1 priority is to assure that when it comes to meet our customers’ requirements and quality expectations we speak the same language. We are looking forward to continuing this journey with our wind customers as we move towards a global standard”, said Roman Thomassin, CEO of 3A Composites Core Materials.

“We will carry on our efforts to support wind competitiveness through following the standards and best practices set by the industry”, said Eric Gauthier, President of Global Key Accounts of 3A Composites Core Materials.

To achieve this important milestone 3A Composites Core Materials have been focusing on the main major elements required by the APQP4WIND Certification for over a year:

  • Understanding customer’s demands
  • Proactive feedback and corrective actions
  • Design within the process capabilities
  • Analysis and mitigation of failure modes
  • Verification and validation
  • Design reviews
  • Special control and critical characteristics

Sustainable innovation, high-quality, global reach, ensured availability and close collaboration with customers drive 3A Composites to its success of becoming the leading core materials manufacturer.

About APQP4Wind

The APQP4Wind project and the manual is an initiative started by the Danish Wind Industry Association and associated members due to a common wish to simplify and strengthen the entire quality planning and product release process.

With global representation in the steering committee (Vestas, Siemens Gamesa, KK Wind Solutions and LM Wind Power) APQP4Wind is offering training and best practices on how to apply the manual and execute the expectations described in the manual. Currently, the steering committee is developing the industry-specific quality assurance standard, which will ultimately be rolled out in both the Danish and international wind industry.

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About 3A Composites Core Materials

3A Composites Core Materials is a global organizational unit within the 3A Composites Group, a part of Schweiter Technologies (SIX Swiss Exchange: SWTQ), with operations in Europe, the Americas, China and Papua New Guinea.

Stronger, lighter, greener future

3A Composites Core Materials is a global leader with the broadest portfolio of high-performing and sustainable core materials with main focus on PET foam and balsa wood. We are the pioneers in sandwich technology with more than 75 years of experience.

Since the very beginning our focus has been developing strong and solid, yet lightweight core materials, which allow manufacturing more durable, sustainable and energy-efficient end products for our customers. Our products have also the purpose: to create a stronger, lighter and greener future.

We have innovation deeply planted in our core

Each of our products is a result of profound expertise and advanced thinking of our engineers, working in partnership with our customers and leading experts and research institutes. We shape the industry trends and keep our offer at the cutting edge of technology.

We want to make the industry greener

Our commitment to sustainability is deeply ingrained in all aspects of our business, from developing sustainable products to protecting the natural environment and cultural heritage of the communities we work in.

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