3A Composites expands its AIREX® PET foam production capacities

News | 05.12.2014

Buoyant customer demand, new product launches, and penetration into new markets stand behind 3A Composites’ investment into increased production capacities of AIREX® PET core materials.

GEN2 3A Composites Core Materials has pioneered PET-based structural core materials and continues to lead the innovation stream with its well-known AIREX® brand.

While the capacity utilization has already been very high, the company is now expanding its AIREX® PET foam production capacities even more in order to keep pace with the growth of customer demand as well as to ensure sufficient capacities for the future. It is the consistently high quality, the ease of use, and the unparalleled cost/performance ratio that have led more and more customers to opt for this recyclable and recycled foam core material, causing a volume growth well above that of the general market.

The recently announced new product platform AIREX® GEN2 is expected to further accelerate growth and penetration of PET in the core material market, as the innovative industrial product design of GEN2 specifically targets high volume applications with their superior performance, quality and cost requirements.

“We observe an ongoing substitution of other core materials with PET foams. Moreover, the introduction of GEN2 is bound to accelerate this process and so it was a logical step to scale up our capacities”, says Roman Thomassin, CEO of 3A Composites Core Materials.
With this move the company confirms its strategy of investing in high quality and sustainable products based on highly automatized and fully quality-controlled production processes.

About 3A Composites Core Materials:

3A Composites Core Materials is a global organizational unit within 3A Composites, with operations in Europe, North America, South America, India and China. The branded products AIREX® and BALTEK® have pioneered the sandwich technology for almost 70 years. Fabricators use these core materials to make innovative, lightweight sandwich structures for the wind energy, marine and transportation markets as well as other industrial applications. 3A Composites Core Materials is the global leader in answering the markets’ and users' needs for sustainable, lightweight and resource-friendly materials to enable the production of lighter and thus more energy efficient end products. In the wind energy market, its core materials are a key factor for growth in the generation of renewable energy.


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