Euroresins International Group and 3A Composites Core Materials organized a technical event in Barcelona between the 21st and 22nd June

News | 21.06.2017

During the course of both days, the attendees were able to exchange market and product knowledge by participating in some workshops, as well as focused training sessions about the whole core materials portfolio.

Euroresins distributes a wide range of products, from PVC type-C (the universal structural foam), PET type-T (industrialized structural foam), to BALSA wood (known for its outstanding mechanical properties).

Composites have a big room in the industry of core materials, which are present in a wide range of markets such us: architecture, road, aerospace, marine, wind energy and rail. Improvements in products and innovations allow us to open new markets and applications every day. The close collaboration between both companies will enable you to turn your projects into reality.   Euroresins Group offers a solution for every single requirement that you may have:

  • Structural Foam core materials:
  • AIREX® T10 – The Industrialized Structural Foam
  • AIREX® T90 – Fire Resistant Structural Foam
  • AIREX® T92 – Easy Processing Structural Foam
  • AIREX® R82 – High performance Foam
  • AIREX® C70 – Lightweight Structural Foam
  • AIREX® C71 – Elevated Temperature Lightweight Foam
  • Structural Balsa core materials:
  • BALTEK® SB – Selected Grade Structural Balsa from Controlled Cultivation
  • BALTEK® SBC – FSC®-Certified Selected Grade Structural Balsa for Infusion

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