The Kon-Tiki2 Expedition sets sail with 2 rafts made of balsa wood provided by 3A Composites Core Materials

News | 02.11.2015

A team of intrepid explorers and scientists recreating the Kon-Tiki expedition of 1947 set sail yesterday for a 5-month voyage from Peru to Easter Island and back to South America.

3A Composites Core Materials supplied a total of 44 logs from Ecuador to the Peruvian Navy to make the 2 expedition’s rafts.

Ecuador is the largest producer of balsa lumber in the world, followed by Papua New Guinea. 3A Composites has 100% FSC® certified balsa production centers in both countries. Rich soils and steady, year-round rainfall ensure that 3A Composites balsa rapidly can grow to heights of 17m up to 25m within 5 years. State-of-the-art milling, ultra-modern kilning and meticulous finishing processes enable 3A Composites to offer exceptional quality balsa wood products to buyers seeking a reliable supply partner for balsa.

The Kon-Tiki2 Expedition is inspired from the legendary voyage of Norwegian explorer and writer Thor Heyerdahl. He and his crew sailed across 4,300 miles of the Pacific Ocean over 101 days with a raft made out of balsa wood between 1946-47. The Kon-Tiki2 expedition aims as well to prove that plastic pollution is a serious threat to the world’s oceans and wildlife. “The cleanup of the Pacific is impossible without more data about how much micro-plastic and what type of micro-plastic is floating around there”, said Expedition leader Torgeir Saeverud Higraff. The expedition supports a scientific research project to measure the amount of plastic in the South Pacific Gyre. “The Peruvian Current has never before been mapped for plastic and molecular pollution. The balsa wood rafts are perfect platforms to raise awareness of this giant environmental problem”, concludes Higraff.

“This project is a combination of history, science and public education, and we are very proud to have provided the balsa logs to make it happen” said Roman Thomassin, CEO of 3A Composites Core Materials division, producer and manufacturer of the Core Materials products.

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