Offering ultimate strength, flexibility and sublime surface finishes

The LANTOR® Composites division offers a comprehensive range of innovative nonwoven solutions for the Composites (Fibre Reinforced Plastics) industry. LANTOR® Composites has built a solid reputation ever since they introduced nonwoven core materials as a time and cost-saving solution to the Composites industry. In close co-operation with the world's leading end-users and institutes, successive generations of LANTOR® mat products have been developed for specific applications.



  • Automotive
  • Building & infrastructure
  • Industrial
  • Marine
  • Mass transport
  • Sports & leisure
  • Wind energy


Open Moulding Process

  • With open moulding, the composite laminate is exposed to the atmosphere during the fabrication process.
  • In general, the impregnation of the dry reinforcements is done by hand. The most widely used processes of open moulding are hand lay-up and spray-up.

LANTOR® products for open mould processes: Coremat®

Closed Mould Process

  • A composite molding process with two counter molds (male and female). Typically, the two mold parts are joined, clamped by vacuum, and resin is injected into the mold cavity assisted by vacuum.
  • The male mold can be flexible or rigid. Typical flexible male mould processes is the vacuum infusion process, and a standard rigid male mould process is RTM (Resin Transfer Moulding).

LANTOR® products for closed mould processes: Soric® Finishmat®

Continuous Lamination Process

Continuous Lamination processes are used for the production of continuous products like pipes, profiles, and panels. These processes impregnate the reinforcements before they are pulled through a die, winded around a mandrel, or placed on a flat moving belt.

The most commonly used processes are pultrusion, filament winding, and continuous panel manufacture.

LANTOR® products for closed mould processes: Finishmat®

Product range


The flexible core and liner for hand lay-up and spray-up processes

For decades, Coremat® has been considered the world standard for flexible bulker mats and print blockers used in hand lay-up and spray-up processes. All Coremat® grades consist of a polyester nonwoven containing microspheres. They offer a cost-effective increase in stiffness and weight-savings in materials and an excellent surface finish.



Flexible core material and infusion medium in one

For closed mould processes, LANTOR® offers a unique and patented product range of core materialsthat are both flexible and compression resistant. During the infusion process, the Soric® core works as a flow medium and enables steady and inter-laminar impregnation. Once the process is finished, the impregnated Soric® is an excellent bonded honeycomb structuredcore that offers weight reduction and cost-efficient stiffness.



The right surface protection

Finishmat® is the LANTOR® range of surfacing veils for the composites industry. Finishmat® veils are used to improve surface cosmetics, create better chemical resistance, or reduce the abrasion of composite structures. Each LANTOR® Finishmat® offers good and even impregnation and is suitable for several production processes and applications.