3A Composites Core Materials launches the reformulated AIREX® T92 to further extend its sustainable credentials

  • The reformulated AIREX® T92 now contains recycled PET bottles as raw materials, which make the product even more sustainable
  • 3A Composites Core Materials confirms the reformulated product keeps its outstanding performance despite the raw material change

Extensive R&D research and testing have resulted in the market-leading AIREX® T92 successful reformulation. While AIREX® T92 is based on virgin PET, the reformulated T92 now contains post-consumer bottle PET, making the product even more sustainable.

AIREX® T92 is well-known for its superior product performance. Its outstanding specific mechanical properties besides its unparalleled resin uptake both make T92 a most attractive product from a performance and total cost point of view. The reformulated AIREX® T92 features unchanged, high properties, meets all performance requirements and excels with its unparalleled resin uptake.

“We successfully achieved the product reformulation while confirming the outstanding material properties. AIREX® T92 is the first PET foam core based on recycled bottles, that achieves the high performance of its virgin version. We are happy to offer our customers this additional benefit of ‘most ecological core’ and extend further our impact towards a stronger, lighter, greener future”, said Eric Gauthier, CEO of 3A Composites Core Materials.

A core material’s ecological footprint consists of three pillars: the core’s raw material, its specific density, and its resin uptake. The reformulated AIREX® T92 excels on all accounts and is, therefore, one of the most sustainable solutions for sandwich core materials.

Sustainable innovation, high quality, global reach, ensured availability and close collaboration with customers drive 3A Composites to its success of becoming the leading Core Materials manufacturer.

Visit 3A Composites Core Materials at JEC World, Parc d’Expositions de Villepinte, Paris. Stand #G33 / Hall 5 – Tues. 12th to Thurs. 14th March: http://www.jeccomposites.com/

About 3A Composites Core Materials

3A Composites Core Materials is a global organizational unit within the 3A Composites Group, a part of Schweiter Technologies (SIX Swiss Exchange: SWTQ), with operations in Europe, the Americas, China and Papua New Guinea.

Stronger, lighter, greener future

3A Composites Core Materials is a global leader with the broadest portfolio of high-performing and sustainable core materials with main focus on PET foam and balsa wood. We are the pioneers in sandwich technology with more than 75 years of experience.

Since the very beginning our focus has been developing strong and solid, yet lightweight core materials, which allow manufacturing more durable, sustainable and energy-efficient end products for our customers. Our products have also the purpose: to create a stronger, lighter and greener future.

We have innovation deeply planted in our core

Each of our products is a result of profound expertise and advanced thinking of our engineers, working in partnership with our customers and leading experts and research institutes. We shape the industry trends and keep our offer at the cutting edge of technology.

We want to make the industry greener

Our commitment to sustainability is deeply ingrained in all aspects of our business, from developing sustainable products to protecting the natural environment and cultural heritage of the communities we work in.

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3A Composites Core Materials launches the reformulated AIREX® T92 to further extend its sustainable credentials

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