AIREX®, BALTEK®, BANOVA® - Structural foam and balsa for lightweight and insulating solutions in building and construction

Composites and sandwich constructions are increasingly used in the areas of architecture and construction. Lightweight construction, functional integration, and efficient utilization of resources are central design aspects in this segment today.

Modern composites can decrease the net weight of structures significantly. This leads to smaller foundations, more favorable joining techniques, simpler solutions regarding earthquake safety, and - last but not least - reduced requirements for cranes and transport vehicles. The incredible durability, weather resistance, and inherent insulating properties of sandwich solutions with composites result in higher energy efficiency, less complex maintenance, and lower life cycle costs. Composites also open up unprecedented freedom of design for three-dimensional elements (e.g. facades).

Industrial applications emphasize the diversity and versatility of our composite and core materials. Not just because we offer an enormously broad core material product range with AIREX®, BALTEK®, and BANOVA®, but also because customers' individual requirement profiles could not be more diverse.

Regardless of whether your focus is on rigidity, chemical resistance, dielectric properties, thermostability, or shock resistance: Our core materials will exceed your expectations in all areas of application:

  • Residential buildings
  • Industrial and commercial buildings
  • Pedestrian and road bridges
  • Interior architecture
  • Bridge construction
  • Good mechanical properties can be optimized to specific applications
  • Weight-saving solutions
  • Good thermal and sound insulation
  • Freeform ability for three-dimensional structures
  • Sustainability and recyclability
  • Prefabrication of elements
  • Fire resistance
  • Rigidity and shock resistance
  • Chemical resistance
  • Good dielectric properties
  • Thermostability
  • Bridge decks for road and pedestrian bridges
  • Integrated, self-supporting pedestrian bridges
  • Roofs and cupolas
  • Facades
  • Doors, gates, and window frames
  • Shelters
  • Shower lines and bathtubs




Faster bridge construction, easier execution, and more cost-efficient maintenance. The solution for these demands is called COLEVO.

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