Our Mission

ENGICORE® is a new addition to our core materials portfolio, joining AIREX® and BALTEK®. With this addition, we are now able to offer our customers custom-shaped core solutions that are optimized for their specific manufacturing processes and standards.

Our Markets

ENGICORE® aims to serve customers who seek innovation with cutting-edge technology for their requirements with great awareness of sustainable procurement, continuous monitoring of quality and process for a timely delivery of the shaped core.

Markets: Wind Energy, Transportation, Marine, Automotive, Industrial, Aerospace, Building & Construction, Sporting Goods, Hobby

ENGICORE ® Capabilities

The operation strives the best-in-class quality management, following world leading standards such as APQP and ISO certifications with automated processes for dimensional analysis.

ENGICORE ® simplifies supply chain lead times through a combination of factors, including state-of-the-art production facilities, highly skilled workers, efficient logistics, and strong relationships with customers. The objective is to provide solutions coming from the source that meet the desired expectations.

Our multidisciplinary team in operations, commercial, design and engineering and quality will focus in the success of your project!

The Value Proposition of ENGICORE®

  • On-site validation of prototypes through a devoted team of field engineers.
  • Fast and precise response times to adapt to new revisions.
  • Optimization focused on TCO (Total Cost of Ownership), including reduction of cycle times.
  • Fully customizable shaped core solutions, including material choice.
  • Availability for spare parts with quick responses.

Innovative Services

  • Manufacturing of finished goods, from the source.
  • Engineering and design based on application requirements.
  • Quality assurance of production and performance.
  • Technical support on site and remote.
  • Long-term, reliable partnerships.

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