BALTEK® Hobby 

Introducing BALTEK® Hobby (Available only in the United States of America)

Welcome to your ultimate destination for balsa premium lumber! We are thrilled to introduce our Hobby product line, meticulously crafted to cater to every customer segment that embraces the joy of Play, Design, and Genius!

We understand the enduring appeal of balsa lumber among hobbyists, and we take pride in presenting our exceptional range of products tailored to ignite your creativity and bring endless enjoyment. Whether you're a budding enthusiast or a seasoned expert, 3A Composites Core Materials offers something extraordinary for everyone.

Selected kiln dried balsa

Explore our premium balsa lumber, perfect for creative projects. Craft boards, sticks, and model kits effortlessly with our versatile selection.3A Composites Core Materials, we're proud of our top-grade balsa lumber. Sourced sustainably, it excels in strength and lightness, ideal for model enthusiasts. What sets us apart is our commitment to sustainability – we source from FSC®-certified plantations and small farmers, ensuring an eco-friendly choice without sacrificing quality.

With hectares of balsa in Ecuador and Papua New Guinea, we stand by FSC® C019065 (Ecuador) - FSC® C125018 (Papua New Guinea). Embrace quality, sustainability, and excellence with our balsa lumber.

The most outstanding properties:

Besides sustainability, lightness and easy processing, balsa is often used in industrial applications due to the following outstanding properties:

  • Excellent fatigue and impact resistance.
  • High vibration damping and sound absorption.
  • Usable across an extensive temperature range: -212°C to +163°C (-414 °F to +325°F).
  • Very good fire behavior, fulfilling the highest requirements (fire, smoke, toxicity)

Model-grade lumber

Whether you're working on a DIY project or need materials for your business, our model-grade lumber is the perfect choice for a wide variety of applications. Experience the quality and versatility of our product, transforming it into premium grade sheets, blocks, sticks and boards to let you or your end customer exploit your creativity. We meticulously select lumber pieces with less occurrence of wood imperfections to cater to the most demanding applications such as aeromodelling, architectural models and others.

Unlock endless creations with our versatile and easy-to-process model-grade balsa wood. Known for its exceptional lightness and homogeneous structure, it offers a wide range of crafting possibilities. With common tools like saws, sanders, planers, sharpers, routers, and drills, you can create amazing projects.

Achieve precision with hand tools like knives, chisels, jigsaws, and sanding paper. For more advanced techniques, Balsa is compatible with die cutting, laser cutting, CNC routers, and other cutting-edge methods. Experience effortless bonding and smooth painting for your projects with Balsa. Let your imagination soar!


Discover our selection of balsa wood dowels! Our products are available in a variety of diameters and densities, making us the perfect choice for any project, including outdoor sports.


Modeling: Airplanes, boats, architectural modeling
Fishing and float lures, dart and arrow targets, surf and wakeboards, bird decoys
Movable scenery, breakaway doors, and furniture
Plaques, trivets, art project
School projects, training aids, manual dexterity training
Carvings, grit blasting, painting
Precious natural boxes and packaging
Impact limiters and shock absorption

*Model-grade lumber is available with minimum order quantity (MOQ), which may be as little as full container loads (FCLs). 3A Composites Core Materials is a B2B

**Qty of dowels per carton is approximate. Small differences may apply. Smaller MOQs may be possible.

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