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Innovative product solutions

Customers' requirements are as individual as our services. We develop effective configurations for lightweight composites, provide product and process support from the very beginning till the manufacturing process as well as trainings. Our services bring added value and are not only customized but also sustainable, cost-effective and environmentally-friendly.

See how our solutions are implemented in your market:

Sandwich technology with AIREX® foams and BALTEK® balsa…

What is a core material and a sandwich construction? Components manufactured as so called sandwiches are made by attaching two thin skins to a lightweight core. Such sandwich panels efficiently distribute mechanical properties in the component's structure. Bending stresses are maximum at exterior, so the further away from the centerline, the higher the impact of the material's bending strength and stiffness. It's all about concentrating the material's stiffness and strength at the exterior of your structure.

…inspired by nature

This concept is by the way not a new invention - look how extensively nature uses the skin/core concept. Just think of the bones of a bird.

…greatly improves performance

Lightweight sandwich structures allow building high-performing systems that would not be possible in conventional design.

…significantly reduces energy consumption

Lightweight vehicles consume considerably less fuel and can get more payload capacity.

…considerably facilitates handling

The handling of moving parts is greatly facilitated by reduced weight, so processes become faster at less effort.

Solutions engineering

From our experience we know that early product development phases can lead to high costs. Besides our own experts, we therefore work together with a large network of partners such as test institutes, universities and third party companies and can support you in all project phases.

  • Consultation about product selection, processing and application
  • Theoretical and hands-on training for product development and manufacturing processes
  • Feasible design
  • Rough component dimensioning during the concept phase
  • Compliance verification for specifications
  • Validation of specific requirements
  • Prototype manufacturing
  • Initiation and optimization of the manufacturing process (on-site service)
  • Verification by prototyping and component testing
  • Component certifications issued by official authorities and certification institutes

Product and process development

Our methods based on im@c management system (Innovation Management @Composites) are used to develop innovative, powerful and cost-effective composite solutions. We utilize computer-assisted methods for product and process development, e.g. CAD and FEA while providing full assistance in the entire manufacturing process starting from conception, management and 3D data conversion to integrated and cost-optimized production.

  • R&D centers of excellence in foam and balsa
  • Product development methods and systems
  • Generating innovation, development and construction by applying holistic approach to product creation process (product creation)
  • Designing production and assembly processes
  • Designing production-related order management
  • Integrated product creation including functional models, prototypes and test devices (production, assembly and test)
  • Design review of the existing product lines

Material testing and certification

Materials and components testing is daily work for our engineers and process specialists. They test compliance with ASTM, EN, ISO and other recognized standards and use our extensive equipment to perform even custom tests in individualized manner.

Many official product certificates are available upon request. If custom certificates are required, they can be issued by our own test laboratories as well as in close cooperation with our partners. We conform to recognized standards, e.g. ABS, DNV.GL, Lloyd's Register, Korean Register and customer specifications.

On-site service

Our engineers and process specialists provide on-site customer assistance whenever their support and engineering skills are needed throughout the process:

  • Process consulting
  • Introduction of new processes
  • Prototype manufacturing
  • Optimization of existing processes

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