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Due to our strategic partnerships with key providers in our market we are able to offer you the solution for composites and core materials that is optimized to your needs.

Dow develops innovative solutions to improve quality of life by combining science and technology. The company joins chemistry and innovation with sustainability principles in order to help master numerous, urgent, issues of the world. Among these are the provision of clean drinking water, the conservative use of energy resources, the utilization of renewable energies, as well as the increase of agricultural yields.


STRUCTeam provides management and technology consultancy services to organizations seeking a composites solution for their business. They are passionate about composites and how they benefit customers' businesses. Their expertise covers the entire composites lifecycle and supply chain. They apply their skills and capabilities to help customers develop new composites materials, production and manufacturing processes, components and products. They are independent and dedicated to finding the most effective design, supply chain and product solution to customers composites challenges.

Bcomp is a company specialized in natural fiber composite. Under the tagline “play naturally smart”, Bcomp has defined what looks like a paradox at first sight as its mission: designing and marketing sustainable intermediate goods with no compromise on performance. We replace aluminum, carbon- or glass fibre composites and make structures more efficient in terms of weight, resistance, rigidity, shock absorption, and damping. Bcomp serves different industries as Automotive, Sport & Leisure, Design and Space.


The Lantor Composites division offers a comprehensive range of nonwoven solutions to the composites industry. Lantor has built a solid reputation since the introduction of its original product, Lantor Coremat®, as a time and cost saving solution.

In close cooperation with the world’s leading end-users and institutes, successive generations of Lantor products have been developed for the broad applications and the various market segments of today’s composite industry.

3A composites – Baltek Inc. in the U.S. is a proud partner with Lantor. We distribute their full line of Composite products throughout North America. Lantor’s nonwoven product line, ie.: Lantor Coremat®, Lantor Soric®, Lantor Finishmat® complement 3A Composites’ product offering and enable us to provide a complete line of core materials to our customers.

AIREX Composite Structures is our partner in the area of intelligent materials and high-performance composites for passenger transportation with a focus on diverse sophisticated applications for rail vehicles and buses.

COLEVO is our partner in the area of high-performance, customer-specific solutions for lightweight elements for the construction industry.
If a street or pedestrian bridge must be lightweight but durable, COLEVO sandwich components can offer the ideal solution. Bridges, bridge decks, or roofs in COLEVO sandwich construction are up to 85% lighter than concrete constructions with a comparable rigidity. COLEVO elements are therefore particularly suitable for utilizations in which lightweight construction and minimum maintenance are required, which also reflects in low total costs.
COLEVO elements are universal lightweight panels for construction applications. Industrial preprocessing allows shorter construction cycles with maximum construction quality. The COLEVO construction method and preprocessing also allows simple integration of various functionalities.

3rd party companies

The major independent engineering companies and many others.