BANOVA® PLUS - Lightweight and high performance

BANOVA® PLUS is the world’s lightest plywood with a core made of balsa from 100% FSC®-certified plantations (FSC-C019065). Its weight reduction of 50-70% in comparison to conventional wood panels is impressive, as is the high thermal insulation and lamination abilities. The panel is refined with a regionally available light hardwood, which provides thin but more resistant high-end surfaces. The new product is easy to process and brings high value to the manufacturing chain as well as in the final application.



Look for FSC®‐certified products.


Anything is possible.

BANOVA® PLUS fulfills the needs of various markets:

  • Furniture and interior fittings
  • Interiors for vehicles, yachts, and boats
  • Exhibition and shop fitting

BANOVA® PLUS can be produced to fulfill various properties, and thus its application is nearly unlimited:

  • Mobile furniture
  • Feather-light table tops and doors
  • Decorative front panels and covers
  • Semi-structural components

...nearly anything is possible


> Motorhome FRANKIA Selection T72 FD-L with BANOVA®


- High scratch and impact resistance

- Homogenous and smooth sanding quality

- Higher panel stiffness at the same panel weight due to the sandwich effect

- High form stability thanks to the symmetrical layup and the use of a cold

curing polyurethane based adhesive

- Seamless full veneer surfaces

- High end surface for lamination with foil, CPL, wallpaper,

direct varnishing or painting

- BANOVA® PLUS is offered as FSC®-Mix product

- Dimensions: Thicknesses: 12 / 15 / 18 / 25 / 30 / 40 / 50 mm

Formats: 1220 x 2440 mm / 1220 x 3050 mm


Easy processing

BANOVA® PLUS is a solid wood material; processing does not require special machines or tools as it may be the case with other lightweight composite panels. Even conventional joining techniques can easily be used.


  • No investment for new specific tools and equipment
  • Existing know-how and existing work procedures can be used
  • Up to 30% faster processing (e.g. laser cutting or milling)
  • Unbeatable bonding qualities on edges and surfaces

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