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Renewable Energy

Wind turbines with AIREX® and BALTEK®

Conquering new markets is a very special challenge and can be achieved only with consistent innovation. We were able to do this in various ways together with the “China Ming Yang Wind Power Group Limited”. Ming Yang has been producing wind turbines since 2006 and is today the largest private supplier of solutions in the MW category in China.

The SCD6MW-140 turbine was created in collaboration with the German design firm Aerodyn. With its gigantic rotor blades with a length of 70 m - currently the longest blades produced in China - this turbine generates 6 MW. These turbines must stand up to tough climatic conditions as well as enormous mechanical demands. The desert-like summer temperatures and challenging erosion requirements of the northern steppes as well as the hot and humid coastal winds from the South China Sea require operability at temperatures from -45° C to +55° C as well as relative humidity from 5% to 100% - at a required service life of at least 20 years.

All materials had to pass a very stringent evaluation process in order to fulfill these requirements. In the end, AIREX® C70 and BALTEK® balsa wood were the core materials of choice. The rigid foam AIREX® C70 guarantees high rigidity and stiffness at a low weight in the shear web while the utilization of BALTEK® greatly increases the rigidity of the rotor blades.

This optimum combination of various properties however was not the only reason to select our products: consistently high quality, professional customer support, and customized pre-processing were (and always are) just as important.

Nice, when Mr. Dong Lei, Manager of “Technology & Quality” ultimately said: “We are very satisfied with the properties of AIREX® C70 foam and BALTEK® balsa, as well as with the professional technical service from 3A Composites. Our cooperation with 3A Composites will go further.”


  • With 70 m the longest rotor blades made in China
  • Utilization in extreme climatic conditions (-45° C - +55° C, 5% - 100% humidity)
  • Long-lasting
  • Weight savings due to low resin absorption
  • Good fatigue resistance
  • High rigidity and stiffness

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