AIREX® T10 - the industrialised structural PET foam core

AIREX® T10 is a closed-cell, thermoplastic and recyclable polymer foam with a very homogeneous cell structure, high mechanical properties and an outstanding price / performance ratio. It has an extraordinary resistance to fatigue, is chemically stable, UV-resistant and has negligible water absorption. It is thermally stable during high temperature processing and post curing without after expansion or out-gassing. T10 is designed for easy use with all resin systems and processing technologies. AIREX® T10 is ideally suited for high volume applications of lightweight sandwich structures subjected to static and dynamic loads and/or exposed to elevated temperatures during manufacturing.

  • Road (structural and semi-structural parts in interior and exterior of cars, sidewalls, floors, skirts/covers of trucks
  • Wind energy (blades - shear webs & shells, nacelles)
  • Marine (hulls, decks, superstructures, bulkheads, stringers, interiors)
  • Industrial (covers, containers, X-ray tables, sporting goods)
  • Very high compression and shear properties
  • Outstanding fatigue strength
  • Homogeneous cell structure
  • Easy to process with all types of resin and lamination processes
  • High process temperature up to 150°C (short peaks up to 180°C)
  • Good adhesion (skin-to-core bond)
  • Excellent long term thermal stability, up to 100 °C (212 °F)
  • No water absorption, after expansion nor out-gassing
  • Recyclable and recycled material
  • Highly consistent material properties
  • Comprehensive material traceability (machine-readable batch information on each foam sheet)

  • Contact molding (hand/spray)
  • Vacuum infusion (VARTM)
  • Resin injection (RTM)
  • Adhesive bonding
  • Pre-preg processing
  • Compression molding (GMT, SMC)
  • Thermoforming