We want to make the industry greener.

We have been focused on developing strong and solid, yet lightweight core materials, because the right balance between the two results in more durable, sustainable and energy-efficient end products for our customers.


3A Composites Core Materials offer the best total cost of ownership for marine applications. Our Core Materials solutions are characterized by maximum impact and compression resistance, high levels of rigidity, low weight, easy formability and sustainability.

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Renewable energy

Our Core Materials solutions fulfill the complex requirements of the wind industry due to their superior material properties and sustainability. Renewable energies are a growing market – and we grow right with it.

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Automotive - Cars / Trucks / Buses

Weight reduction results in a significant reduction of fuel consumption as well as an increased payload in automotive applications. Our trendsetting technologies protect the environment, save weight and resources and reduce operating costs significantly.

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3A Composites Core Materials develop innovative solutions for lightweight construction in rail with simultaneous shock and bending resistance, efficient noise control, excellent thermal insulation and maximum fire inhibition – from high-speed trains to light railways.

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Aerospace applications are prime examples of complex lightweight systems. Our core competencies in materials science, prototype manufacture and the production and processing of our composite materials are used to suit our customers’ needs.

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Building & Construction

Our Core Materials solutions will greatly exceed your expectations in all areas of building & construction applications: residential buildings, industrial and commercial buildings, pedestrian and road bridges, interior design and architecture, bridge construction.

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3A Composites Core Materials have the broadest product range and a wide spectrum of diverse solutions leaving no area of application behind. The applicability of our Core Materials solutions is nearly unlimited: sports and leisure, science and medicine, industrial components.

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