The sky is not the limit

1 Wings
2 Flaps
3 Interior Parts
4 Radomes
5 Fuselage
6 Transport containers
7 Floors
8 Covers
1 - Wings
2 - Flaps
3 - Interior Parts
4 - Radomes
5 - Fuselage
6 - Transport containers
7 - Floors
8 - Covers

Modern aerospace applications are prime examples of complex lightweight systems. The lowest weight directly translates into maximized flight performance as well as minimized fuel costs or extended payload. Furthermore, stringent requirements in regard to long-term stability, weight, extreme temperature resistance, fire inhibition and very strict quality and safety requirements leave no room for errors.

3A Composites Core Materials competencies in materials science, prototype manufacturing, as well as production and processing of the composites we offer provide the most optimized material solution for maximizing flight qualities and minimizing fuel costs / increased weight capacity.

The success of production of complex composite structures relies on well-founded expertise in product innovation, development, construction and manufacturing. With our Hybrid Core Concept® we have the product portfolio, expertise and toolset to optimally support our customers in the crucial phases of aircraft design and manufacturing.



  • Great weight saving potential (fuel economy, higher payload)
  • Fire resistance FST (fulfillment of the highest fire standards – FAR 25'853)
  • Excellent mechanical characteristics
  • Radar transparency
  • Easy processing
  • Sustainability


  • Fuselage and structural parts (wings, flaps and covers, helicopter rotor blades)
  • Floor panels and overhead compartments
  • Galleys, serving trolleys
  • Transport containers and pallets
  • Radome covers


AIREX® R82 – American Aerospace OEM, USA, nose covers – 2012
AIREX® R82 – European Aerospace OEM, Germany, interior panels – 2009
BALTEK® SB – ORBIS, USA, The Flying Eye Hospital – 2013
AIREX® T90 – Diehl Aircabin GmbH, Germany, Aircraft cabins – 2009

Product Guide


High performance structural foam

Applications: interiors, radomes.
Advantages: excellent properties / density ratio, best fire resistance, high temperature resistance, radar transparency, very lightweight.

AIREX® TegraCore™

Fire performance structural lightweight foam

Applications:  interior, radomes.
Advantages: excellent fire retardant properties, high temperature resistance, very lightweight with low moisture and resin absorption.


Plantation controlled structural Balsa for Infusion

Applications: transport containers, pallets.
Advantages:  extreme strength and stiffness, Ecological product from FSC®-certified plantations, global availability, best cost-property ratio.


Easy to process FST structural foam

Applications: interiors.
Advantages: fire resistance,  high fatigue strength, high processing temperature, thermoformable, recyclable.


Temperature-resistant structural foam

Applications: interiors, structural / semi-structural components.
Advantages: especially lightweight with excellent strength-to-weight ratio.