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1 Radar Covers
2 Ski Cores
3 Shower Tubs
1 - Radar Covers
2 - Ski Cores
3 - Shower Tubs

3A Composites Core Materials have the broadest product range and a wide spectrum of diverse solutions leaving no area of application behind. Our customers constantly present us with new challenges, motivating our solutions engineering and R&D teams to continuously innovate and develop high-performing and cost-optimized solutions.

The existing composites are often used in amazingly new ways, but we can just as well develop completely new sandwich solutions to optimally address any particular issue our customers are faced with. 

The success of production of complex composite structures relies on well-founded expertise in product innovation, development, construction and manufacturing. With our Hybrid Core Concept® we have the product portfolio, expertise and toolset to optimally support our customers in the crucial phases of product design and manufacturing.



  • Great stability with low weight
  • Easy processing
  • Resource-saving material
  • Great sound and thermal insulation
  • Easy production and logistics management
  • Great selection of thicknesses, sizes and face sheets


  • Sports and leisure:
    •  Surfboards, canoes, kayaks
    • Skis, helmets, hockey sticks
  • Science and medicine:
    • X-ray tables, radio telescopes
  • Industrial components:
    • Covers, shelters
    • Tanks, containers, bathtubs and shower cabins
    • Tools, construction signs, pipes, concrete casting molds
    • Impact limiters, cargo pallets, ballistic panels
    • Lightweight stages, platforms


BALTEK® VBC – Bcomp ski cores – 2010
AIREX® R82 – Norma MPM, Denmark, radar antennas – 2009
AIREX® T90 – Muovityö Hiltunen, Finland, Composite sandwich tanks – 2009
BALTEK® SB – Corrosion Companies Inc., USA, tank trailers – 2009

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