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1 Edge close-outs
2 Shells
3 Spinners
4 Nacelles
5 Covers
6 Shear web
7 Rotor blades
1 - Edge close-outs
2 - Shells
3 - Spinners
4 - Nacelles
5 - Covers
6 - Shear web
7 - Rotor blades

Wind components and especially rotor blades are crucial for the ultimate performance and efficiency of wind turbines. Rotor blades need to optimally combine rigidity, lightweight and long-term stability, along with cost-efficiency. Furthermore, the increased production cycles require easy-to-process and temperature resistant materials. The structural design and the material solution play a decisive part in this design optimization.

3A Composites Core Materials fulfill the complex requirements of the wind industry due to their extraordinary material properties and sustainability.

The success of production of complex composite structures relies on well-founded expertise in product innovation, development, construction and manufacturing. With our Hybrid Core Concept® we have the product portfolio, expertise and toolset to optimally support our customers in the crucial phases of product design and manufacturing.

Wind energy is a growing market – and we grow right with it.

Our expertise in this market segment includes:

  • Wind turbine blades
  • Wave power plants.


  • Best-in-class resin uptake, especially with SealX
  • Great strength and stiffness at lowest weight
  • Sustainable material availability and short lead times
  • Ease of processing
  • Excellent fatigue and long-term stability
  • Total cost of ownership


  • Wind turbine blades: shear web, shells, edge close-outs
  • Nacelles: covers, platforms, spinners


AIREX® T92 SealX – Wind Turbine blade OEM, Brazil, 2018
AIREX® C70 – Mingyang, China, 2013
AIREX® C70, BALTEK® SB – RE Power Germany, 2010
AIREX® C70, AIREX® C71, BALTEK® SB – ENERCON, Germany, 2004

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Engineered Structural Balsa

Applications: shear webs.
Advantages: stiff, damage tolerant, easy processing.