What we are made of

AIREX®, BALTEK® and LANTOR® are more than just high-quality products. They are made of the finest natural and sustainable materials, rooted in decades-long experience, advanced thinking, and superior engineering. We are the official distributor for LANTOR® products in America in a long-term partnership with the brand that spans for over 60 years.


Air, packaged to perfection

AIREX® reflects its foam properties: air bubbles (“AIR”) help expand (“EX”) volume without the penalty of added weight. Specifically, our AIREX® foam products are composed of closed cells filled with 50-96% air. AIREX® foams give your sandwich structures outstanding strength, excellent stiffness and minimal weight – with AIREX® foams sandwich structures can be more than 50% lighter.

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Natural balsa wood, a renewable core material

BALTEK® is the only structural core material made of a natural, renewable resource – balsa wood. The balsa tree combines various special features: fast growth, low to medium density, and unique weight-specific mechanical properties.
3A Composites Core Materials owns and manages through its forest companies, Plantabal S.A. and 3A Composites PNG Ltd., several thousand hectares of FSC®-certified balsa wood plantations in Ecuador (FSC-C019065) and Papua New Guinea (FSC-C125018).

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Offering ultimate strength, flexibility and sublime surface finishes

In close cooperation with the world's leading end-users and institutes, successive generations of LANTOR® composite products have been developed for specific applications in the marine, transportation, construction, leisure, and wind industry.

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