Plantation controlled structural Balsa for Infusion

BALTEK® SBC is our balsa wood core material from controlled cultivation from 3A Composites Core Materials plantations. 3A Composites manages several thousand hectares of FSC®-certified balsa plantations. The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC®) certification acts as a catalyst for improving standards in forest management. It brings economic and social benefits to workers and local people and facilitates environmental benefits for biodiversity and the ecosystem. For BALTEK® SBC, all production steps are subjected to stringent monitoring, especially offering a physical validation for time to kiln (T2K). This monitoring process guarantees the highest-quality balsa core and full traceability from the end product back to the tree.

SBC has excellent stiffness-to-weight ratio. It can be processed with all known resin systems and processes and has excellent laminate adhesion properties. Furthermore, it is resistant to temperature changes, fire, and chemicals (e.g., styrene).
BALTEK® SBC is an ideal core material made from renewable resources with an extensive range of use. 

Plantations play a vital role in helping humans meet their needs.  Following the rigorous FSC® principles and criteria in plantations can take some of the pressure off the world’s remaining natural forests, and slow down the deforestation rate.



  • Extremely high specific stiffness and strength
  • Excellent fire behavior
  • Ecological product from FSC®-certified plantations
  • Full traceability and highest-quality wood due to stringent process control from seedling to delivery
  • Very broad operating temperature range from -212°C to +163°C
  • Excellent fatigue resistance and impact resistance
  • Excellent sound absorption and thermal insulation
  • Excellent chemical resistance
  • Ship and boat construction: hull, decks, bulkheads, superstructures
  • Wind farms: rotor blade shells and webs
  • Automotive and rail: floor, side and roof panels, front and side covering
  • Aerospace: floor plates, bulkheads and structural parts of sport aircrafts
  • Military applications: naval boats, containers, transport pallets, shelters
  • Industrial components: covers, sports equipment, tanks, mold construction


  • Vacuum infusion
  • Hand lamination / spray lay-up
  • Prepreg processing (up to 180°C)
  • Resin injection (RTM)
  • Adhesive bonding

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Advantages: extreme strength and stiffness, ecological product, best cost-property ratio, excellent impact resistance and fatigue properties