Impacting stronger communities

Everything we do - from building playschools in Papua New Guinea to helping the elderly in China, from manufacturing core materials for wind turbines to protecting water courses in Ecuador - we try to make a positive impact in the communities we are present in all over the world. It is not only our company’s mission - it is something all our employees contribute to each and every day. 

Building roads together

In the province of Cotopaxi in Ecuador we have participated in the access road repair project, encompassing a 15km section of the road, together with the local government. The project has enabled farmers to transport their produce to major markets in the area and to improve their incomes to sustain their families.

Let’s ride together

A mobile app for car-sharing and coordinating journeys among our team members in Quevedo, Ecuador, helps us reduce unnecessary pollution resulting from business travelling.

Helping the elderly

We have repaired the road that was bumpy and curvy in order to make the access to the Yangpu Social Welfare House easier and more convenient for its elderly residents in Shanghai.

Environmental awareness

In Ecuador and Papua New Guinea we take active part in the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) campaigns to raise awareness of the #FSC principles, values and sustainable forestry practices.

Learn and play

In Papua New Guinea we have built 3 playschools, which we currently run, for over 50 children and 6 full-time teachers. The pupils aged 4-5 years are able to read English and perform better at school after graduation.