Environmental plan

Protecting the environment and natural resources is our overarching company value. That is why our Environmental Plan is comprised of numerous research projects, studies and action plans for environmental, social and archeological issues.

Projects by site


  • Establishment of buffer areas for protection against and minimization of impacts on permanent protection areas: rivers and estuaries; the project was recognized with a SACHA Award.
  • Social study on the communities close to our forest operations.
  • Geo-referencing and study of sites of archaeological importance. The precautionary FSC® principle is used in these sites when developing forestry activities.
  • HCV (High Conservation Value) studies on our forest holdings to identify the sites of ecological / archeological importance.
  • Ecological monitoring of HCVs in forest farms, which allows identifying of changes in flora, fauna and sites providing ecosystem services.

Papua New Guinea

  • Monitoring of HCV (High Conservation Value) sites within the company managed FMUs (Forest Managed Units), including water sources, habitat trees, RTE (Rare, Threatened and Endangered) species, bat caves and sites of cultural significance.  All sites are checked on an annual basis. For active operation sites the HCVs and buffer zones are monitored before and after operations.
  • Increased systematic monitoring of bat caves in different plantations across the supply area because bats have been identified as an indicator species for biodiversity.
  • Monitoring of the company’s work teams and contractors for their compliance to safety and environmental regulations (PPE – Personal Protective Equipment, buffer zones, waste management).