Social Plan

We care about our people and the communities we work in. That is why our Social Plan is comprised of numerous aid and partnership projects with the communities living in or nearby our operations.

Projects by site


  • BANOVA® furniture donation to the Child Care Center for the Good Living.
  • Collaboration with the AsoFortuna Women’s Association to provide a specialized service for BANOVA® sheets.
  • 15km of track stabilization work for Second Banquera, Las Palmas, Bella Jungla, Tigra Baja, Santa Martha, La Catorce communities, 2017.
  • Lump sum donation for a bridge construction in Bella Jungla community, 2017.
  • 5-year commodatum agreement to use our premises for community gatherings and entrepreneurship development, 2017.
  • Training in cocoa post-harvest handling and processing in Las Palmas community.

Papua New Guinea

  • New Playschool building for 3A Composites Core Materials employees’ children in Papua New Guinea, 2017.
  • The Early Childhood education program at 3A Composites runs across 3 compounds with over 50 students and 6 teachers. Students aged 4-5 years old are able to read English and to perform better at school after graduation.
  • Providing business opportunities through community based planting and maintenance groups for selected plantations (14% of the FMU – Forest Managed Unit).
  • Pilot project to include a cluster of small growers as joint-venture partners, providing seedlings and training to grow 100% FSC® balsa.
  • Contribution to the UNDP (United Nations Development Programme) funded project on developing a “Best Practice Toolkit for Community Engagement”.
  • On-going economic support for road maintenance to ensure continued access to services for communities and to facilitate operations.


  • Joint-program with the Yangpu Social Welfare House in Shanghai to support the elderly: a new smooth and accessible road to Yangpu House was named after 3A Composites, which sponsored the infrastructure project, 2017.
  • Joint-program with the Yangpu Social Welfare House in Shanghai to support the elderly:
    3A Composites Core Materials sponsor regular skill trainings for the staff to enable them to: master the basic knowledge of nursing and elderly care, geriatric rehabilitation and behavior and psychology of aging.