AIREX® Flexible Foams launches new fresh branding

Launched in advance on last week’s at AIREX® Flexible Foams International Sales and Marketing Convention in Meisterschwanden, Switzerland, AIREX® “refreshed” branding embodies the brand promise to make highest quality Swiss products made of air for strength and the ultimate great feeling.

The new fresh branding is reflected by the updated logo system deployed for AIREX® mats and Balance-pad products made in Switzerland, with the “Swiss-born in 1952” signature now preceding the former model. The signature “Swiss-born in 1952” stands for making the best, most durable, most reliable mats and pads in the world, without any exception or compromise.

The “Edelweiss AIREX®” logo has been redesigned to represent the brand values of Swissness, airy & pure, and challenging. The intricate flower grows only on the daring steeps and mountaintops and embodies perfectly the AIREX® brand values.

The “Calyana Yoga” line has been rebranded with the “AIREX® Yoga & Pilates” name and new logo, although its products will still retain the “Calyana” name designation. Coming up next for this line, is a new range of eco-friendly products to be launched on January 26 at ISPO: – the largest trade event for sports business.

A “refreshed” visual language illustrative of the brand values – Swiss, strong & enduring, airy & pure, challenging – and a new website due to be launched in Q1 2020 complements the updated branding for the AIREX® mats and Balance-pad products.

Beyond the new fresh branding, AIREX® also will stand out from the crowd with a compelling slogan: “My Space, My Time” and 7 slogan variants representative of 7 defined target groups. For example, the Fitness & Training target group slogan will be “My Space, My Strength.” Made of up to 96% air and designed for ultimate sensory satisfaction, yet durable and strong enough to be used by the Swiss Army, AIREX® mats and Balance-pad products are your gateway to a stress-free zone, your space-out space, hence “My Space, My Time” brand slogan.

"For decades AIREX® products have been used for successful applications in hundreds of olympic training camps and performance centers, thousands of fitness studios and clubs, as well as rehabilitation centers and physical therapy facilities all over the globe. Now it is the moment to tap into the products global success supported by a “refreshed” visual identity to be ready for the future" said Eric Gauthier, CEO of 3A Composites Core Materials Division, the corporate unit that owns and manufactures AIREX® Flex Foams products.

"The new AIREX® branding epitomizes the brand values and our committment to product innovation and global business development strategy in close collaboration with our partners, world-renowned institutions, scientists, and athletes" said Thorsten Walter, Director of AIREX® Flex Foams products.

AIREX® training, yoga and pilates, and therapy mats and Balance-pad products are increasingly becoming the preferred choice of athletes, companies, and individuals worldwide. This global success has lead to the AIREX® Academy development, a training and education institution with over 25 years of knowledge and experience acquired in fitness, sports, therapy and prevention. Founded to generate the professional know-how and knowledge underlying the unique AIREX® products, the AIREX® Academy has also received a “refreshed” branding.

AIREX® is the global market leader and pioneer in the field of training, yoga and pilates, and therapy mats with more than 60 years of experience.

AIREX® global awareness will be a focal point of the brand's high-profile presence at the four-day MEDICA industry event, which begins on November 18:

The new fresh branding will be progressively implemented from today with the launch of the new AIREX® brand video:

About 3A Composites Core Materials

3A Composites Core Materials is a global organizational unit within the 3A Composites Group, a part of Schweiter Technologies (SIX Swiss Exchange: SWTQ), with operations in Europe, the Americas, China and Papua New Guinea.

About AIREX® Flexible Foams

AIREX® is the world market leader in the field of training and therapy mats. In the early 1960s AIREX® was the first brand to manufacture foam mats, and to undertake the requisite pioneering extrusion works in the mid-1980s. AIREX® products are present in over 50 countries through distribution partners, and exported to another 120 countries all over the world as a proven Swiss quality. AIREX® commitment to tradition is aptly epitomized by more than 60 years of know-how in foam technology and long service life.

Innovators with more than 60 years of experience

The chemist Dr. Emil Brunner and the inventor Herbert Lindemann headed a special team tasked with developing manufacturing plans for plastic-based foam. The legend has it that Mr. Lindemann arrived in Sins on his bike with just a few personal belongings, but with extensive expertise and brilliant ideas about how to manufacture closed cell foam from PVC. The Swiss-made products that are proud of its origin, dating back to 1952. AIREX® products are of highest quality and guarantee a lifetime satisfaction, made for your own good for good.

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AIREX® Flexible Foams launches new fresh branding

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